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Welcome to our website............................

Rewaco Owners Club UK.... 2022

Well.....its been a while....welcome all.... lets hope 2022 it going to be a good one!

Hi all thank you for stopping by, its been a challenging time for us all over the last couple of years. With our wheels becoming more like statues gathering dust than trikes.

As always, we bid a warm welcome to all trikers and please feel free to join and add to the banter .

Hopefully this year we will make-up for the reduced miles and  empty weekends that we all experienced recently.

As all trikers (and bikers) will know, a close friendship and the family type 

relationship that I have experienced so many times. 

So may we at Rewaco UK welcome and invite you  to our events and

hopefully we will meet - up soon

Watch out for the events and calender pages which hopefully should be

populated soon.

Finally....... please, sensible and safe....happy triking

                                                                       The Team at Rewaco UK

New for 2022 Rewaco Pure 3

Rewaco Owners Club - Austria Tour 2019

Rewaco Trikes in the Cairngormes

Send in your best trike photo and we will put it in the slideshow

Lynyrd Skynyrd/Sweet Home Alabama
Bikers & Blues (Bikers and Blues)

Pictures from The Club


Rewaco Trikes  UK

      Where shall we go!

Saturday Jul 2 - Sunday Jul 3
Sunday, Jul 10 All Day
Sunday, Jul 24 All Day


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