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Our FX5 been running great until it was starved of fuel.

It did restart after a 30 min cool down for 2 minutes, and hasn't run since.

Each time it fails, the ignition appears to operate correctly, loads of power in battery but the injectors do not prime. (Lots of new fuel in it)

Have ordered a new fuel pump relay and it made no difference.

Have run the fuel pump straight from a 12V line and runs fine.

My trike now in bits in my garage but am stumped !

Any suggestions ..... ?

June 23, 2017 at 4:45 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Lots of following wires later.

Proved the 12v prime signal ok, but not ok after DATATAG circuitry. 

(The fuel pump purple goes to the harness heading for the front, but when you pull the tape off, its does a quick double back around the back of the fuse board !)

..and should you consider removing the fuse board looking for dry joints (which there weren't), each of the 8 screws holding it in has a loose plastic spacer on the otherside that will make a bid for freedom.. It was not easy to put back. In hind sight I should've glued all the spacers to the board.

Busy cutting cables and removing DATATAG all together.

Should be ok later today !

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