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There seems to be confusion on rear calipers. As I’ve pointer out before, the rear calipers are what Ford used on its Ford Scorpio / Granada / Sierra etc. But the caliper has two parts to it .The caliper & the caliper carrier. The carrier is not from that range, nor is the disc. The Pads (DP2680 for EBC or Ferodo FDB1491) are what VW used on the Golf, also Audi/Peugeot use them. So what you have is a mishmash of parts.

Caliper – Used by Ford,

Caliper Carrier –Unknown & the disc is unknown, but it may be one of these items.


As there is no info on the dimensions, one can’t say whether it will fit or not. I contacted the company but they would not tell me the dimensions. Crazy!

I had a look into the Ford Pads they used on the Granada/Scorpio, and are different to those fitted to the trike. So that means the carrier is from something that has the same slider spacing as the caliper. Some have been saying that the rear discs are from a Peugeot but there are no Peugeot’s that have the same Stud pattern 4x130. So that’s out.

In fact I can only find 3 makes that use this stud pattern. Skodas (100 series) / Early VW / Porsche 914s & the old Lancia Fulvia. If you search the net for a firm called ‘EMPI’ and have a look at there catalogue on page 236 there are more disc’s. ( So there you have it.

I know there is very little info out there regarding parts, So why doesn’t everyone write down what they know for sure fits there trike & post it on the forum.

Lets get this forum moving. …..Max…..



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Good idea


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