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John Watson
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mike at August 3, 2011 at 5:03 AM

what year and model is your trike? first all Rewaco's master cylinders are from cars,

nothing wrong with that. you mention the word pot and you have two, do you mean you have two martster cylinders?as for the front brake caliper are deliberately small so it acts like a compensator say 70% 30%more than 30% on the front brake would be extremely dangerous when breaking hard, and they do get hot.

if you're not sure about  your front brake temperaturetry   Try driving  a couple of miles without using the brake pedal ( use your gear box and hand break to stop) then checked the temperature off the front brake, it may be slightly warm but if it's hot you have a problem with the caliper binding up.(legal bit, you do this entirely at your own risk)   Cheers Mike

Hi Mike John here.  You mention that all master cylinders are from cars thats cool and good.

I have a HS4 with discs on the rear.  Its got 2 circuits one for the front and one for the rear the trike is around 2007 do you know what car the master cylinder is from mine has a problem and I want to replace itThanks

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Hi.Just to let you know, Here is a parts list for the front Grimeca caliper on most trikes.I posted this list a few years ago.

Caliper is Grimeca P5. as used on Moto Guzzi & laverda

Caliper O/haul Kit Grimeca P5 Style Part No. 31659065

Caliper Plastic Pad (Cap)Cover. Part No.31654765

Caliper Pin Kit. Part No.31659165

Parts from

Caliper Piston Kit - Pistons 32Mm X 16Mm - Seals 38X32X3.2

Part No. VB20358.

Master Cylinder:- Fiat Uno. Regata, Ritmo MkII, / Seat-Ibiza,Malaga, Ronda,


As you can tell Rewaco does not make brakes, so they get what they can from the makers.It's a matter of finding out what they use. Rewaco is not going to tell you, as they want to get you to buy from them.You can get a master cylinder for around £20. See how much Rewaco want.  Check out the price of the Delphi Part Number on Ebay.

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