Rewaco Trike Owners Club UK


        Rewaco UK Merchandise    

 Rewaco Fleece (Rewaco  Trikes UK logo )

Sizes - Small to XXXL  (S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL)


Rewaco embroidered logo on chest with Rewaco Trike on back.

Sizes - small to XXXL

 Price £35 Plus P&P

(for payment details see bottom of page)

Rewaco Owners Club UK   Embroidered Badges 


APPROX SIZE - 3" WIDE 3.5" LONG (7.5cm x 9cm) 

 (blue and black are background only)


New badges


APPROX SIZE - 3" WIDE 3.5" LONG (7.5cm x 9cm)



 APPROX SIZE - 8.5" WIDE 9.5" LONG (22cm x 24cm)


(Note: Only Club members can order Rewaco Owners Club Badge)

Badge Prices

Small badges £6.50 each plus P&P.

Large badges £18 each plus P&P


Payment details

If you wish to pay via card please call the office on 01279 730695

 Rewaco Trikes UK Ltd

3 Newgreen Cottages

Newmans End, 

 Matching Tye

Harlow  Essex

CM17 0QX


RewacoTrikes UK


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